Christmas Surprise

Residents received an early Christmas present that could not wait until Christmas morning to be opened! We would like to proudly introduce our new golden retriever puppy, Holly. Our residents chose the name Holly in the spirit of Christmas.

Holly will become our therapy trained facility dog. Numerous studies show having pets in a long-term care facility increase activity levels, give purpose and meaning, enrich the lives of residents, reduce stress, alleviate depression, combat loneliness and bring comfort and companionship. She has already brought joy to our residents and stolen the hearts of many!

Residents hosted a Craft Bazaar and Bake Sale to raise money for their resident Christmas fund. Residents worked hard to make special crafts and treats to sell at the bazaar. We would like to thank everyone who donated or made a purchase. Without the support, we would not have been able to gift our residents their new friend, Holly. We are all excited to have Holly as a part of our Berea Health family. She will be loved by many!